TLM Community-Wide Events

Transforming Love Ministries is excited to invite you to 3 different workshops in 2020 to help grow your faith and your confidence as a follower of Christ!


June 6, 2020 (Free Online Event)
TLM’s Life Balance Workshop

2020 came in full of hope and wonder, but quickly turned into a time of feeling lost, disappointed, and out of sorts. Most of us started 2020 without a real plan for the year and when our normal routine dramatically changed, well, it just floored us. But what the pandemic of 2020 has really uncovered is that most of us were out of balance long before it hit.

In this time of isolation and social distancing are you longing to hit the reset button, but at the same time realize that you need to change some things in your life so there is more balance? Work, home life, kids, and maybe even some extras thrown in there are just too much at times! Let us help you edit your life and help you find a “new normal” that doesn’t leave you exhausted!!

NOTE: This is a free event, but registration is required. Once you are registered, you will receive a follow up email with the Zoom link needed to join the workshop!

You can register can register for this event on Eventbrite by clicking HERE!

September 2020
TLM’s Biblical Literacy Workshop (Specific date and location TBA)


December 2020
TLM’s Mentorship Workshop (Specific date and location TBA)





TLM Sisterhood Facebook Group

You can be a BIG part of the TLM ministry by simply participating in this Facebook group and providing your insights! This will assist us in helping women all over Hampton Roads who want a reliable sisterhood to lean on! We want to build a thriving, supportive community that is centered on Christ! We hope you are up for it! We look forward to serving you!

Group Rules

  • The group to women everywhere!! There is a large focus on women who live in the seven cities of Hampton Roads as well as those that live in either Isle of Wight or Southampton County. However, EVERYONE is welcome to join us for the journey. YOU can invite your friends and family no matter where they live! All requests to join, however, must be approved by a group admin to prevent spam accounts from gaining access to the group.
  • Group surveys or posts requesting specific feedback will be posted from time to time to help refine the focus of TLM to the specific needs in our area. Please participate in all surveys and group posts as able - we want to hear from you!
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