12 Months of Emotions

Charging My Joy on the Mastercard

On Monday, I was completely transparent with you about my struggles of trying to find joy at Christmas by swiping my credit card, being the hostess you won’t soon forget, and checking off all the to do’s on my very long list of busyness. Have your Christmases resembled the frenzied, fast paced, expensive, over the …

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The Night True Joy Came to Earth

This time of year always stirs up specific thoughts and memories. I often reminisce about past Christmases –the sights, the smells, and the time with family. Most of the time this trip down memory lane brings me great joy. Truly, there is something magical about Christmas. Yet I often wonder about some other things. With …

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Loneliness – ‘Tis the Season

Once we pass the Thanksgiving holiday today, our attention will immediately divert from turkey legs to Christmas trees. Growing up, Christmas was a magical time of the year and my favorite part was listening to Christmas music. To usher in the season, my parents would play a compilation of soulful songs to include the Christmas …

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How Much Will You Charge to be My Friend?

As we discussed on Monday, this month TLM is digging into the topic of loneliness. With the start of the holiday season really kicking off in November, we felt this was a perfect time to talk about this particular emotion. While loneliness can strike anytime during the year, it is during the months of November …

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