About TLM

TLM is committed to helping women of faith become leaders in the faith no matter their calling. And we believe God has a call on your life that only you can fulfill!

Do you have a growing love for Jesus and want to find a community of like-minded women to do life with?

Are there vital roles within the Church, whether volunteer or paid, that you would like to step into, but you feel untrained as a leader?

Is your heart’s desire to become a Christian writer or speaker and take your message to the world? Do you need someone to guide you along the path from novice to professional?

Would you like to develop a viable, sustainable ministry or faith-based business or take an existing one to the next level? How helpful would it be to talk with someone who has done just that?

Our goal is to come alongside of you, listen to what you feel Jesus is calling you to do, evaluate your current abilities, and assist you in building an individualized action plan that can move you forward!

Our philosophy allows you to sort through your thoughts and dreams and develop reachable goals, while being guided step by step through the process. We want to take the guess work out of what to do next and provide a safe place to bounce ideas around while building your self-esteem.

We also want to help develop your leadership abilities. By strengthening the leadership abilities of women who desire to serve Jesus in substantial ways, we can assist them (and you) to accomplish their goals more efficiently.

By using our products and attending our workshops and/or conferences, you will be able to formalize your purpose in life faster than going it alone. We will also provide accountability and feedback to help propel you forward at a pace you can control.

Introducing the SHE STEPS FORWARD® Action Plan

The SHE STEPS FORWARD Action Plan is a transformative guide that can:

Best of all the SHE STEPS FORWARD Action Plan is all about Jesus and you! Just as He has an individual plan for each of us, the journey we take to achieve that plan is also unique. By designing your own individualized action plan, our process lowers the pressure of trying to be someone you are not and allows you to simply be you!

Jesus has placed a burden upon Transforming Love Ministries to nurture three specific types of women. Are you one of them?

Meet Nina

Nina struggles with self-image and relationship issues. She has never been completely comfortable with her body and as she ages, it gets worse. She doesn’t want to be a fashion model, but she wants to feel good in her own skin. In the past, she has had some unhealthy relationships that have left her feeling like she can’t trust people on a deep level. She is constantly battling her emotions. She is looking to have a more meaningful walk with God, but feels inadequate. She is someone who desperately wants to learn how to root her self-worth in Christ’s love, but is distracted by the day to day grind of her life. In fact, distraction is a major trap for her. She is always working to carve out time for herself, but it seems to elude her most of the time. She wants to identify her personal role and strengths as a Christian woman; desires to be a spiritual leader and good role model in her home; is working on building a stronger prayer life; needs tools to help her learn to fight against spiritual attacks; loves devotional materials, but is challenging herself more through deeper Bible studies; is seeking community, inspiration, and hope; is secretly holding back her deepest issues and is looking for a safe place to unload them; and needs motivation to participate and grow as well as stretch outside her comfort zone.

Meet Jennifer

Jennifer came to us excited about her faith, but still young in the faith. She wants to channel her beliefs through her writing, maybe even through speaking one day. She plays around with this idea by writing her heart out on Facebook in the late hours of the night as a way to simmer down her racing thoughts. The honesty she writes with attracts others to her. When she relaxes, it flows easily, but if she forces it, it gets hard. She’s the first to admit, she doesn’t know everything about scripture, but she loves Jesus and is grateful for what He has done in her life. Jennifer really wants to write and speak so she can share what Jesus has done for her in hopes that it will help someone else who is struggling. By pouring into other women, she desires to strengthen their faith. She is seeking guidance, but is undisciplined in how to start. She needs a mentor and to be encouraged over and over again to take small steps versus huge leaps. She also needs to bridle her emotions and come to her own unshakable thoughts. She has begun to seek out women's conferences in order to educate herself on writing and speaking, and is willing to go outside the area where she lives to get the information she needs.

Meet Aaliyah

Aaliyah has been a women’s ministry leader within the local church for the last few years, but feels the actual ministry has become a repetitive cycle of speakers and activities that has only birthed superficial change in the lives of the women who participate. She has a knack for reaching other women, but at times her insecurity shows. She just happen to began teaching other women one day and soon others were following her. She currently coordinates monthly to bimonthly meetings as well as one big women's ministry night with a guest speaker. She easily implements new ideas (e.g., prayer closet suggestions) and cheerleads others in their pursuit of Jesus. Though she has volunteered for a while, she has no formal leadership or business training. She has some influence, but no real leverage to make the changes she sees as necessary to grow the ministry in a different direction. She feels the Lord calling her to develop a faith-based organization that will serve women within her church and community at large on a different level. She's excited to get started but would love the advice of someone who has walked this path before.

Do you see yourself among these women or know someone who is? Then you are in the right place at the right time! Let’s get started today!

“For I know the plans I have for you,” says the Lord. “They are plans for good and not for disaster, to give you a future and a hope.” 

Jeremiah 29:11



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